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The Essentials for Window Cleaning

The Essentials for Window Cleaning

Window cleaning supplies and devices necessary to complete a proper window washing. There are many options when it comes to cleaners and sponges, squeegees, poles, water-fed poles and brushes so you’ll want to do some research before buying anything. But if you’re looking for a good starter kit that has most of what you need as well as some extras then this article will be of use to you!

The essentials for window cleaning
The essentials for window cleaning

The following is a list of tools that are generally found in professional grade window cleaning kits. 

  1. Squeegee – Squeegees come in all shapes and sizes, from wide to thin and angled to straight. Make sure you choose a squeegee that is designed for the type of window cleaning job you’ll be performing.
  2. Sponges or towels -There are even special types of microfiber towels that are made to clean glass without leaving any scratches.
  3. Bucket – Plastic buckets work fine but if the job site will be exposed to rain then metal might be better because plastic can become brittle in extreme weather.
  4. Water-fed poles – These poles offer telescoping capabilities and higher pressure water hoses to ensure safe washing even on the most vertical of glass surfaces.
  5. Cleaning solution – You’ll need to use some kind of cleaning solution that is specifically designed for windows depending on how dirty the windows are and what type of material the window frame is made of.
  6. Brushes – Make sure you have the appropriate brush or brushes on hand before starting your task.
  7. Ladders – Safely reaching high windows is only possible with the right tools and quality equipment so be sure to get something safe, durable and lightweight.
  8. Gloves – Gloves come in handy while washing windows since it’s very easy to cut yourself on the edge of the glass or while scrubbing your window.
  9. Safety Goggles – This is one of the most common physical injuries when it comes to window washing so always wear proper eye protection when using sharp tools or cleaning materials!
  10. Teflon Tape – This is purely an aesthetic choice for most windows but if you want your windows to look their absolute cleanest then this tape will do a great job of keeping any dust or dirt from accumulating inside of your window sills.