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How long does it take to clean windows?

Window cleaning is a tedious job that takes around an hour to an hour and a half, for a one story 1,800 sf house, also depending on the size and types of windows.


Cleaning windows can be either difficult or easy, depending on how you do it. Cleaning them with water alone requires too much scrubbing power for most people, so squeegees are often the preferred method to cleaning windows instead. For this technique, simply put some soapy water on the glass you intend to clean. Wet your window pane with soap and water mixture then scrub-scrub-scrub! Squeegee off carefully without letting go of the wet surface by sliding it along towards yourself as you rinse away the soapy water.


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Can you clean windows in the sun?

Windows should be washed in the shade because if not, they’ll get streaky and then need to be cleaned again.


It’s a good idea to wash windows in the morning or in evening when it is cooler for this reason. If you do choose to wash them when it is sunnier out, avoid direct sunlight and use a squeegee so that no water dries on your window and leave streaks.


When washing windows in direct sunlight, there are several disadvantages: The high temperature will cause the water and soap to evaporate before you have the chance to squeegee glass without leaving streaks.


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How frequently should I clean my gutters?

The frequency of gutter cleaning can vary. The more debris that falls into the gutters like leaves, dust, and dirt. If excessive amounts of these materials are sitting in the gutters, it will make more work for yourself trying to clean them all out at once, which is why more frequent gutter cleanings are recommended. On average, you should be able to get away with cleaning your gutters every few months or once a year depending on how often they collect objects that need to be washed out.


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What should I look for when hiring a window washing company?

When looking for a window cleaning company, you will need to look for a good reputation, positive customer reviews, licenses, and insurance coverage.


It’s also important for them to offer their prices up-front, as well as the costs of any additional services (such as window screens or bleach cleaning). Furthermore, if possible, you might ask about how long it will take them to complete the job. Finally, make sure to confirm whether the workers are bonded and insured through workers’ compensation – again making sure that this would cover theft among other reasons. Doing so can save yourself headaches or even financial issues later on.


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