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The Ultimate Guide to Gutter Cleaning Buffalo NY

Gutter cleaning is a task that many homeowners put off. This can lead to many problems, such as clogged gutters and even roof damage. The gutters do much more than just keep the rainwater away from your foundation; they also help prevent water buildup on your roof. When these two things happen, you end up with a leaky roof and costly repairs! With this guide, we will teach you how to clean your own gutter without too much hassle! Follow our step-by-step instructions below and before long you’ll be enjoying the benefits of a well-maintained home exterior!


Cleaning your own gutters is easy, but it can get dirty. It’s recommended that you wear gloves and goggles during this process to keep yourself safe. You’ll also need a ladder or step stool, some water hose nozzles, scrub brushes, sponges, buckets, gloves, and protective eyewear. These are the necessary supplies needed to clean your gutters properly. Once you have them ready you can begin by attaching the scrub brush to the telescoping pole/wand attachment, so it extends out safely while you are on your roof or ladder.

Clear Off Excess Debris

It will then be explained how to do the actual gutter cleaning. First, make sure your gutters are clean and there is no debris or leaves in them. Otherwise, this process will be pointless! Next, attach the hose nozzle to a water source and turn it on. Now that you’re ready to start cleaning out the gutters (and eaves troughs), position your ladder/step stool under the downspout near where it meets with the gutter and then spray off any dirt that’s built up along this seam between the two pieces of material.

Rinse off Gutters  

You’ll want to begin by spraying water from the bottom side of your gutter all way through until you reach the top so that when you scrub it away it goes towards your house instead of away from it! Continue spraying water while scrubbing it out with the brush. Next, move onto your eave’s trough. Clean the downspouts the same way you cleaned the gutter seams by spraying water through one end to clean it all the way through and then scrubbing away any dirt that remains. If there are any mineral deposits where your gutter attaches to your house, use either a wire brush or sandpaper to gently remove them. Here’s a short video if you’re looking for a better visual guide!

Tips to keep in mind

Always make sure you have gotten rid of all debris from around your gutters. It’s always recommended that you do this twice each year so that everything is nice and clean! Also note that if your gutters are filling up regularly due to wind or rainstorms you should keep an eye on things for a while to be sure that they are draining properly. If not, you may have a blockage somewhere in the gutter pathways. Finally, it will wrap up with how if you notice any damage or issues with your gutters at all, immediately call a roofer. The roofer will come out and assess your situation and provide an estimate for any necessary repairs. With this guide/article you should now know how to clean your own gutters without too much hassle! Follow our step-by-step instructions above and before long you’ll be enjoying the benefits of a well-maintained home exterior! If you are not looking to do the job yourself a professional gutter cleaner can help. They will make sure your gutters are clean and won’t overflow onto your home. They have the proper gear and training to safely clean your gutters. If you’re looking for a local service in your area, make sure you check our services page.

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