Post Construction Cleaning

Best Post Construction Cleaning Services

Post construction cleaning services are an often overlooked component of home remodeling and reconstruction. It is a service that offers the opportunity to remove dust and debris left behind by contractors when they are done with their work, as well as protect your hard work from dirt, grime, stains, and paint overspray. Post construction cleaning can be essential for homes after they have been remodeled or rebuilt. The post construction cleaners will thoroughly clean all surfaces including floors, walls, carpets and upholstery as well as window sills and sills where there may be excess dust or residue from contractors using power tools. This service should not be taken lightly because it is one of the only ways to ensure your home’s safety at this stage in the process before you move or re-enter your home.

What does Post Construction Cleaning Include

– Dusting and vacuuming all surfaces including floors, cabinets and walls (including behind appliances and in corners and closets where dust tends to accumulate)

– Cleaning of window sills and sills where there may be excess dust or residue from contractors using power tools

– Cleaning built-up grime on door frames, trims, baseboards, and skirting boards

The post construction cleaning service will help remove the debris left behind by contractors such as paint stains, plaster fragments, metallic filings, sawdust particles etc. They will also clean away excess grime that is created while doing renovations which accumulates on door frames, trims, baseboards and skirting boards. This service is often overlooked, but can be absolutely essential for homes after they have been remodeled or rebuilt.

Post construction cleaning costs vary from company to company and from region to region. According to the size of your home you can expect a clean time of around 5 -7 hours depending on how much renovation work was done beforehand. A three-bedroom apartment with an open plan kitchen and living area could take longer than 7 hours as opposed to a one bedroom studio which would typically take around 4 hours.

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You’ve just read about how post construction cleaning services work. But it really comes down to whether or not your time is worth more than the cost of hiring a professional cleaner. If you have the time available in your schedule then by all means go ahead and take care of this on your own. The benefits are often mental health-related rather than strictly practical so if this sounds like something up your alley, get started today! However, if you would prefer to spend less time worrying about these details and let someone else handle it for you (especially after such an intense project), we hope our article has been informative. Please contact us today for a free quote!