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The Precautions Window Washers Have to Take

The Precautions Window Washers Have to Take

Window washers are typically required to work on the outside of high buildings. Their tasks include washing windows, cleaning the frames, and maybe even removing snow from the surface. It’s not uncommon for people to get injured doing even mundane jobs. However, this article seeks to shed light on the hazards of a window washer’s job. Despite the picture-perfect vistas that their work provides, one must be careful when it comes to health and safety while working at dizzying heights. This article discusses how dangerous the work can be.

Window washers are often paid well to work at dangerous heights. Some of these workers even enjoying the thrill of the danger while working. However, one must always bear in mind that medical emergencies can happen at any time and place, even when you’re working up high. Therefore, it is important for workers to keep track of their physical health and seek treatment, if necessary, before continuing with their job.

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Commercial window washing

The job of a window washer requires one to travel between windows on swinging scaffolds or ladders without railings. There is little room for error when carrying out tasks that require climbing up multiple stories or making precise hand movements over your head for hours together. Lack of sleep due to nightshifts can make matters worse by reducing concentration levels and increasing the risk of mistakes. Even a slight misstep can be fatal as they work without harnesses and nets to save them from falling down several floors.

This is not to say that all window washers aren’t well-equipped. Many companies invest a lot of money in training their workers and giving them proper safety equipment, such as harnesses, helmets, etc. They follow strict safety measures that reduce the risk of injury from high heights. However, even following these precautions does not guarantee absolute safety from grave injuries or death.

Many people have been injured or lost their lives performing this dangerous task which offers relatively low pay for the risks involved. In fact, there were more than 300 reported cases of fatal falls among window washers between 1992 and 2006 in the United States alone. These numbers only show the tip of iceberg as most work-related accidents go unreported owing to a fear of losing a job. Washing a window is not only difficult, it’s also extremely dangerous.

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The best way to avoid injury or death when working at high heights is by using safety equipment such as harnesses and nets. In some cases, the company you’re working with may provide this equipment for their workers free of cost. If they aren’t available, then one must invest in them for personal use when carrying out your tasks from perilous heights.

In addition, one should follow strict safety protocols on scaffolds or ladders at high altitudes and never take risks while performing tasks that require great precision and concentration. One should be careful about how much weight is put on scaffolds and ladders so as not to snap under pressure. One should test this equipment before using them.

If you do get injured while working at such heights, then it’s advisable to seek medical attention immediately and not proceed with work until the injury has completely healed. It is also important to approach a lawyer and file a claim for compensation if your company does not provide you the basic safety equipment that is required or does not take enough care in ensuring that their workers follow strict safety protocols. Remember, even when one thinks they’ve done everything right, accidents can happen any time and place; so, do yourself a favor and prepare for it beforehand by making sure you’re protected from anything bad happening on the premises of your workplace.

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