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Window washers are hard workers. They work long hours on the outside of tall buildings cleaning windows or washing surfaces with soap and water, or they may use chemicals to remove dirt from the glass. For many window cleaners, their entire job revolves around maintaining the appearance of a building’s exterior.   Window washers need to be in good physical shape because they will spend much of their day climbing ladders and carrying buckets full of dirty water up flights of stairs. But you might not know that window washers also serve as safety inspectors, identifying potential hazards like loose handrails before they become problems for people inside the building.  Window cleaners can do more than just wash away dirt; they can protect your health and safety too!

When window washers aren’t climbing, they spend most of their time inside buildings with squeegees and buckets, washing windows. Some professional window cleaners even use powerful suction tools to wash multiple stories of glass at the same time. Most people in urban areas and large office buildings don’t think about how dirty the exterior of their homes or businesses is until one of these professionals comes along and cleans them up.  A clean business provides a positive first impression for new customers; similarly, a clean home can make guests feel welcome in your space when they walk through the door at the end of a long day. In addition to looking nice on the outside, having clean windows also protects your business from environmental hazards like water damage from rain that can seep through the dirty glass, and damage from the ultraviolet light that can fade interior furniture and rugs.

Clean windows not only make you feel good on the inside; they also improve your health and safety by making buildings safer to navigate. Untidy ledges and railings provide a home for insects or rodents, so those tucked away behind windowpanes often go unnoticed until they have multiplied enough to invade people’s offices or homes. Windows without locks are not as secure as those with functioning locks, so if yours don’t lock properly, be sure to hire a professional window washer to come to check them out before someone tries to break in!

Outside of maintaining the health and safety of a building, window washers can also be responsible for monitoring environmental conditions. They make note of potential hazards like a loose railing or loose cables on a radar dome before they become an issue.

Just because you work below ground level doesn’t mean that your business or home is immune to problems caused by dirty or broken windows. In fact, some people spend as much as 36% of their time at work staring out the window! If those windows are grubby with dirt from being outside too long, then that inside might not be able to see as well as they could if the glass was clear. It’s also possible that someone who is working inside a building with dirty windows might accidentally push off one of those grubby ledges, resulting in damage to the building or injury for anyone who is passing by underneath. Don’t risk it! Get rid of that window filth and hire a professional window washer to take care of your dirty glass before something goes wrong.

You might want to clean up your interior windows, but now you know what benefits hiring a professional has. If you value your safety, health, or maybe even just your peace of mind, reach out to one of these hardworking professionals today so they can give you a safe hands-free wash! Seriously, though—do not do this yourself unless you are an experienced worker with proper safety equipment under your belt. Make sure all cleaning supplies are locked away where no one will

Hiring a professional window cleaner lets you sit back while this hardworking individual does all of the dirty work for you. If you’re in Buffalo, New York, contact HMS Maintenance Services to get more information on their services, including pricing and qualifications that they require before hiring new workers.

For tips on how to keep your windows clean, check out the video below!

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